Present Current Affairs of Pakistan PCAP 2021

Present Current Affairs of Pakistan PCAP 2021

Present Current Affairs of Pakistan

1)🇵🇰 *PM*--Imran Khan.

2)🇵🇰 *President*--Arif Alvi.

3)🇵🇰 *Speaker(NA)*--Asad Qaiser.

4)🇵🇰 *Deputy Speaker(NA)*- M.Qasim soori.

5)🇵🇰 *Opposition leader(NA)*--Mian Shahbaz Sharif.

 6)🇵🇰 *Leader of the House(NA)*--Imran khan 

7)🇵🇰 *Chairman of Senate*--Sadiq Sanjrani.

8)🇵🇰 *Deputy Chairman of Senate*--Saleem Mandiwala.

9)🇵🇰 *House Leader(Senate)*--Shahzad waseem.

10)🇵🇰 *Opposition leader(Senate)*--Raja Zafar Ul Haq.

11)🇵🇰 *Chief justice of Pak*--Justice Gulzar Ahmed.

12)🇵🇰 *Chief of Army staff*--General Qamar javed Bajwa. 

13)🇵🇰 *Chief of Naval staff*--Zafar Mehmood Abbasi. 

14)🇵🇰 *Chief of Air Staff*--Mujahid Anwar Khan.

15)🇵🇰 *Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee(CJCSC)*--General Nadeem Raza. 16)🇵🇰 *DG ISPR(Director General of Inter Services Public Relations)*--Major General Babar Iftikhar. 

17)🇵🇰 *Chairman of NAB*--Justice(R) Javed Iqbal. 

18)🇵🇰 *Chairman of FBR*--Javed ghani. 

19)🇵🇰 *Governor of SBP*--Reza Baqir. 

20)🇵🇰 *Director General of ISI*--Lt.General Faiz Hameed. 

21)🇵🇰 *President/Governor Of AJK*--Sardar Masood Khan.

22)🇵🇰 *PM/CM Of AJK*--Raja Muhammad Farooq Haider Khan. 

23)🇵🇰 *Speaker of AJK Assembly*--Shah Ghulam Qadir. 

24)🇵🇰 *Deputy Speaker of AJK Assembly*--Amir Altaf. 

25)🇵🇰 *Leader of the House(AJk)*--Farooq Haider khan. 

26)🇵🇰 *Opposition Leader(Ajk)*--Chaudary Muhammad yasin. 

27)🇵🇰 *CM Gilgit* --Mir afzal(caretaker).

28)🇵🇰 *Governor Gilgit*- Raja Jalal

Hussain Maqpoon.

29)🇵🇰 *CM Panjab*-- Sardar Usman Buzdar.

30)🇵🇰 *Governor Panjab*- Ch.Muhammad Sarwar. 

31)🇵🇰 *Speaker of(punjab assembly)*--Ch.Parvez Ilahi. 

32)🇵🇰 *Deputy Speaker of(Punjab Assembly)*--Dost Muhammad Mazari.

33)🇵🇰 *CM Sindh*--Murad Ali Shah.

34)🇵🇰 *Governor Sindh*- Imran Ismail. 

35)🇵🇰 *Speaker of (Sindh Assembly)*--Agha siraj durrani. 

36)🇵🇰 *Deputy Speaker of (Sindh Assembly)*--Rehana Laghari. 

37)🇵🇰 *CM Of KPK*-- Mahmood Khan.

38)🇵🇰 *Governor KPK*- Shah Farman. 

39)🇵🇰 *Speaker of (KP assembly)*--Mushtaque Ahmed Ghani. 

40)🇵🇰 *Deputy Speaker of(KP assembly)*--Mehmood jan.

41)🇵🇰 *CM Of Balochistan*--Jam Kamal Khan.

42)🇵🇰 *Governor Balochistan*--Justice(R) Aman Ullah Yasinzai.

43)🇵🇰 *Speaker (Balochistan Assembly)*- Abdul Quddus Biznenjo.

44)🇵🇰 *Deputy Speaker (Balouchistan Assembly)*--Sardar Babar Musakhel.

45)🇵🇰 *Defense Minister*--Pervaiz Khatak.

46)🇵🇰 *Foreign Minister*--Shah Mahmood Quraishi.

47)🇵🇰 *Finance Minister*--Abdul Hafeez Sheikh.

48)🇵🇰 *Defence Production*--Zubaida Jalal.

49)🇵🇰 *Federal Education & Professional training&National History&literacy Heritage*--Shafqat Mahmood.

50)🇵🇰 *Aviation Division*--Ghulam Sarwar khan.

Present Current Affairs of Pakistan PCAP 2021

                   Present Current Affairs of Pakistan PCAP 2021

51)🇵🇰 *Kashmir Affairs & Gilgit Baltistan*--Ali Amin Khan Gandapur.

52)🇵🇰 *Current Minister of state for Parliamentary Affairs&Head of Prime Minister's Public Affairs and Grievences Wing*-- Ali Muhammad Khan.

53)🇵🇰 *Minister of Narcotics Control*-- Azam Khan Swati.

54)🇵🇰 *Science & Technology*- Fawad Chaudhry.

55)🇵🇰 *Information Technology and Telecommunication*--Syed Aminul Haque.

56)🇵🇰 *Inter Provincial Coordination*- Fahmida Mirza.

57)🇵🇰 *Law and Justice*- Farogh Naseem.

58)🇵🇰 *Religious Affairs&Interfaith harmony*--Noor ul Haq Qadri.

59)🇵🇰 *State & Frontier Religions&Chairperson of the Parliamentary Special Committee on Kashmir*--Shehryar khan Afridi.

60)🇵🇰 *Railway*--Sheikh Rasheed. 

61)🇵🇰 *Interior*--Ijaz Shah. 

62)🇵🇰 *Information&Broadcasting*--shibli Faraz. 

63)🇵🇰 *Current IG of Islamabad Police*--Amir Zulifqar Khan. 

64)🇵🇰 *Current IG of National Highways and Motorway Police (NHMP)*--Dr Syed Kaleem Imam. 

65(🇵🇰 *Current IG of New Railways Police*-- Captain (retd) Arif Nawaz Khan. 

66)🇵🇰 *Current IG of Azad Kashmir AJK Police*--Salahuddin Khan. 

67)🇵🇰 *Current IG of Punjab Police*---Inam Ghani. 

68)🇵🇰 *Current IG of Sindh Police*--Mushtaq Mehar. 

69)🇵🇰 *Current IG of KPK police*--Sanaullah Abbasi. 

70)🇵🇰 *Current IG of Balochistan Police*--Mohsin Hassan Butt. 

71)🇵🇰 *IGP of Gilgit Baltistan*--Dr.Mujeeb ur Rehman. 

72)🇵🇰 *Current Special Assistant to Prime Minister (SAPM) on health*---Dr Faisal Sultan. 

73)🇵🇰 *Current Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Information Broadcasting and National Heritage*--. Lt Gen (Rtd) Asim Saleem Bajwa.

74)🇵🇰 *Current Minister of State for Housing and Works*---Shabir Ali Qureshi. 

75)🇵🇰 *Current Federal Minister for Housing and Works*--Tariq Bashir Cheema. 

76)🇵🇰 *Current Special Assistant to PM on National Security and Strategic Policy Planning*--Dr Moeed Yusuf. 

77)🇵🇰 *Current Federal Minister of State and Frontier Region (Safron)*--Sahibzada M. Mehboob Sultan. 

78)🇵🇰 *Current Federal Minister of state for Narcotics Control*--shehryar Afridi. 

79)🇵🇰 *Current Federal Minister of Energy Division*--. Umer Ayoob khan. 

80)🇵🇰 *Current Federal Minister for Planning, Development & Reform in Pakistan*--Asad umer. 

81)🇵🇰 *Current Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Poverty Alleviation and Social Protection*--Dr Sania Nishtar. 

82)🇵🇰 *Current Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Youth Affairs*--Mr. Muhammad Usman Dar. 

83)🇵🇰 *Current Minister of State for Climate Change*--Zartaj gul. 

84)🇵🇰 *Current adviser to PM on Accountability*--Mirza Shahzad Akber. 

85)🇵🇰 *Current Federal Minister for Maritime Affairs(formerly known as the Ministry of Ports and Shipping)*--Syed Ali Haider Zaidi. 86)🇵🇰 *Current Federal Minister of State for Communication*--Murad saeed. 

87)🇵🇰 *Current Advisor to Prime Minister on Climate Change*--Amin Aslam. 

88)🇵🇰 *Current Advisor to Prime Minister on Institutional Reforms and Austerity*--Dr Ishrat Hussain. 

89)🇵🇰 *Current Advisor to Prime Minister on Commerce, Textile, Industry and Production and Investment*--Abdul Razzaq Dawood. 

90)🇵🇰 *Current Federal Minister for Water Resources*--Muhammad Faisal Vawda. 

91)🇵🇰 *Current Federal Minister of Human Rights*--Shireen Mazari. 

92)🇵🇰 *current Chief Justice of Lahore High Court*---Justice Muhammad Qasim Khan.

93🇵🇰 *current Chief Justice of Azad Jammu & Kashmir High Court*---Justice Azhar Saleem Babur.

94🇵🇰 *Current Chief Justice of Balochistan High Court*--- Justice Jamal Khan Mandokhail.

95🇵🇰 *Current Chief Judge of Gilgit-Baltistan Chief Court*---Justice Wazir Shekeel Ahmad.

96🇵🇰 *Current Chief Judge of Gilgit-Baltistan Supreme Appellate Court*---Syed Arshad Hussain Shah.

97🇵🇰 *Current Chief Justice of federal Shariat Court Islamabad Pakistan*---justice Muhammad Noor Miskanzai.

98🇵🇰 *Current Chief Justice of Islamabad high court*---Justice Athar Minallah.

99🇵🇰 *Current Chief Justice of Peshawar High Court*---Justice Waqar Ahmad Seth.

100🇵🇰 *current Chief Justice of Azad Jammu & Kashmir Supreme Court*---Justice Ch. Muhammad Ibrahim Zia.

101🇵🇰 *current Chief Justice of Sindh High Court*--Justice Ahmed Ali M. Sheikh.

Present Current Affairs of Pakistan PCAP 2021

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